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The photo albums are available to Current Members only.  Please email the webmaster to get the links to the pictures or if you have any questions..

The only rule for membership is to have been an ex Federal/Rhodesian/Zimbabwean Customs member - or a surviving spouse of same.  Any Kidz of qualifying exCUSTOMSfolk are automatically eligible for full membership.  There are no fees or costs other than your own use of your computer and your own online time. 


The following Photo Albums are restricted to Members of exCUSTOMSnet only:  These are NOT links to the albums.  The links have been sent to all members of the exCUSTOMSnet.  You can email the webmaster for more information.

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The reason for restriction to “Members Only” for these Photo Albums is for the same reasons we do not publish members’ email addresses on our website – to help protect the privacy of our members.
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